Kurozuka – Presented by Steep Slope Studio


Title Kurozuka
Genre Theatre
Supervision and Revision Yuichi Kinoshita
Direction and Stage Design Kunio Sugihara
World Premier Izayoi Yoshidamachi Studio, May 24 to June 2, 2013
Cast Yuya Ogaki, Wataru Kitao, Kimio Taketani, Shinya Natsume, Kan Fukuhara
Staff Stage manager : Koro Suzuki, Chikage Yuyama | Lighting : Nami Nakayama | Sound : Daisuke Hoshino | Costume: Kyoko Fujitani | Stage design assistant :Tetsuya Iwasawa | Literary advisor: Ayumi Seki
Cooperation with Gaijyu-shibai, krei inc., KUNIO, Taiwan-Okazaki Art Theatre, Tokyo Deathlock, Baobab, PURISSIMA
Promotion, Planning, and Presented by Steep Slope Studio
Awards CoRich Theatrical Art Award 2014 Winner


Reinterpretation of monumental piece of modern Kabuki buyo geki/ posture drama, based on a legend of a female ogre in the North-Eastern district
The original story of “Kurozuka” is a universal narrative, which has been passed down from the past as folklore. It is more older than the establishment of “Kurozuka” as Nor-Theater piece. However, “Kurozuka” in current Kabuki repertoire focus on the old woman’s dance performance, so the drama and the emotional expression has almost been neglected. Thereupon, Kinoshita Kabuki reinterpreted the story. Salvation asked by the old woman, who could not help changing to be an ogress inevitably, and the unexpected abuse of her trust by monks. Reinterpreted story shows the drama what is required by modern society. Modern theater actors’ start their works from through copy of classic Kabuki way as basic. The complete copy is detailed as posture/ body control, delivery and intonation of lines. The lines in present piece moves back and forth between modern colloquial language and Kabuki-language. Dancing part with plenty of uniquely forms distinct of posture drama. And dynamic transcends of time and space, from a small shanty to pampas grass field in the moon light. It is neither now nor past. Audiences will be invited to a huge world of the story.


©Ryuichiro Suzuki



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