Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan

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Title Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan – All part performance –
Playwrite Tsuruya Nanboku
Supervision and Revision Yuichi Kinoshita
Direction Kunio Sugihara
November 21 to 24 2014
4 performances
Cast Kazunori Kameshima Mika Kuroiwa Katsuyuki Iiduka Kyoko Hosono Yuya Tanaka Yoshikazu Takahashi Kozo Date Mikie Tanaka Masakazu Morita Keisuke Hidaka Takenori Goto Shogo Shinomiya / Natsuko Norita Noemi Takamaya Noriko Minegishi Yuji Iwatani Yukiaki Kiyama Masatake Takei Kazuo Mori / Yoko Ran
Staff Stage Design:Jiro Shima | Lighting:Nami Nakayama | Sound : Manabu Saito | Costume:Kyoko Fujitani | Sword fight scine choreographer:Kitsutaro Bando | Revision assistant:Takatoshi Inagaki | Assistant director:Hirono Suyama | Stage design div.:Yuma Kinjo Stage Set Production: Haiyuza Co. Theatre Stage Design Div | Lighting operation:Takayoshi Masuda Keiko Hirano Mayumi Otake Bright Ltd. | Costume Production: Fumiko Hideshima| Logistics:Uematsu Line | Stage manager:Nobuaki Oshika | Advertising art:Shiro Amano | Literary advisor: Ayumi Seki | Production coodinator: Mai Hongo
Subsidized by Japan Arts Fund
Production Kinoshita-Kabuki
Co-Production Festival Tokyo
Presented by Festival Tokyo , Kinoshita-Kabuki


Academic but free-style! Cutting-edge company, Kinoshitakabuki have been injected new life of modernity into Kabuki programs. And finally, they challenge thoroughly performance of a master piece by Tsuruya Nanboku, a play writer In work for long desired all parts performance of “Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan”, Kinosita-Kaubki interprets present piece as a series of small dramas, rather than one big story of a protagonist. Thus, reconsider un-focused parts and minor parts, which have been eliminated in popular Kabuki. And then, 3 acts and 6 hours of thoroughly performance have achieved. Classic and contemporary culture are calculated and mixed such as kimono and modern clothes, Kabuki-style tone and modern colloquial language, Japanese classic music and techno music. The mixture aims to faithfully re-produce a method called “Naimaze” refer to Note below, developed by Nanboku. So multi-layered story depiction is achieved. Note: Naimaze Naimaze is one of dramatics in Kabuki, which Tsuruya Nanboku considered as his forte and developed. To combine and correlate to two or more stories which happened individually in quite different worlds, and to derive the third story from the friction between the stories. Bewildering transfer between several eras and locations makes audience’s stand point shifted. So that it depicts the story multilaterally like current SF story structure. In contrast to conventional interpretation as a “Revenge tragedy based on poetic justice”, Kinoshita―Kabuki re-interpreted it as a chain of stories which caused by mistakes among ordinary citizens. So that contemporary theme, tragedies of outcasts resulting from changes in trend of the society, was unveiled. In addition, the new aspect breaks conventional “Yotsuya Kaidan” as a “Cruel tale” in popular Kabuki. And at the same time, the work takes back the original literary style of Nanboku – Apparently it seems to be violent but the human sentiment is carefully portrayed. Moreover, present work exceeds the range of small-theatre-program because of experienced people’s participation, such as Yoko Ran; an actress, ex-member of Japanese representative company Tenjyo-Sajiki, and Jiro Shima; stage director.


©Aki Tanaka



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